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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Cms esrd bundle final rule

Instructions and Help about Cms esrd bundle final rule

Hey everyone is Sarah Chris Turner sorry and calm and in this video I'm going to be going over chronic kidney disease also known as chronic renal failure and this video is part of an inkless review series over the renal system and as always don't forget to take a free quiz that you can access at the end of this video so let's get started first let's start out talking about what is chronic kidney disease it is where you have a significant decrease in renal function and this happens over a long period of time and it is irreversible now that is the complete opposite of whenever we talked about in the previous lecture are about acute kidney injury remember that was a sudden decrease in renal function and it tends to be reversible if they can figure out the cause and treat it appropriately now let's look at our kidney and we're going to look specifically at the nephron because whenever we're talking about a decrease in renal function we're really talking about this glomerulus and how it is filtering specifically the glomerular filtration rate or GFR so we'll be using that term a lot GFR because if you can understand the GFR everything else tends to make sense okay so the kidney the functional unit of your kidney that actually produces urine are the nephron and in each can you have millions of these nephrons and the whole goal is to filter our blood that are received from the heart and the glomerulus is the structure that does that so it filters all these substances such as water ions which are like your electrolyzed 5-card things like that urea and creatinine which are waste products and remember urea is a waste product from protein right down in the liver and creatinine is a waste product from the breakdown of muscles so it filters back now the glomerulus does not filter proteins and blood cells you should not find that in your filtrate unless your glomerulus is messed up in here your long barrel is mess up so we can probably expect to find an address down into Bowman's capsule and then it's going to go down through the renal tubules in the renal tubules our innocence what they're going to do is they're just going to tweak that filtrate because the filtrate was created by the glomerulus and it's going to take what the body needs to maintain homeostasis so it's going to reabsorb the amounts of water you need it's going to reabsorb a little bit of urea and it's going to reabsorb our electrolytes that we need however it is not going to reabsorb creatinine so let's talk about creatinine for a second so creatinine is that waste product and it's fully filtered by that Vomero is from the blood stream and it's not going to be reabsorb in that renal tubules so that's why we care so much about creatinine when we.


CMS is coming out with a new requirement for Medicaid patients results to be released to them within 24 hours of final reading, do you see issues with patient care as a result of this new rule?
CMS is coming out with a new requirement for Medicaid patients results to be released to them within 24 hours of final reading, do you see issues with patient care as a result of this new rule?It would help to have an actual link to the requirement - because we are left guessing on the language of the requirementSince Medicaid is a state, not CMS run system, the language is definitely needed to asses the actual impactBut…in absence of real informationReleased to them is far different from them having themThe U S mail is not that fastSeniors are not all computer literateAnd a medical report, not explained by a doctor, can be difficult for a non-medical person to understandBased on just what the question includes, I would expect it to create panic and confusion, and needless extra doctor visits as patient seek to find out what a medical report means in average English
How do I fill which semester in the CAT if I am in the final year and not have a semester rule?
Hey,Just take the flat average of all the subjects of all the semesters so far, and enter it as the marks. This shall suffice the purpose.This will work for forms of other exams like XAT, IIFT, TISSNET etc. as well.Cheers!
Can a final year student of B.Tech fill the form of SSC SI CAPF?
Yes, if your final semester result is declared on or before 1 august 2018.
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