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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Cms conditions of participation for hospitals 2022

Instructions and Help about Cms conditions of participation for hospitals 2022

Good afternoon everyone this is joy Cameron with the Visiting Nurses Association of America I appreciate you tuning in for today's webinar on the home health as you know these regulations were just released and we are recording this webinar so that some of your colleagues and computers will be able to sign in at a later date and catch in on the information that we've been sharing we are going to mute your lines until we get to the questions and answer portion there's also the ability to ask questions for the chat function on the side for those of you who signed in through the website then also just to let you know on our website ourselves we are going to be listing this recorded webinar as well as PowerPoint among other resources that we'll review at the end of the webinar I'm going to say that Robert Wardwell has joined us again for today's webinar to help go through the conditions of participation and we appreciate his time and his efforts on this issue so with that I'm going to go ahead and get started just quickly as an overview of everything that we're going to discuss today we are going to do a quick background on the CEO peas or conditions of participation discuss with you all the timing review this section review of all the different changes and then this is a very important part we're going to request your feedback on implementation what are some of your concerns etc that you have as well as just your questions and answers and then a review of the resources that will be available on the BNA website so with that just a brief background on the conditions of participation this is where I'm going to ask Bob to join me you know we have been waiting quite some time for these the new released about two years ago we sent on our our comment letter in on the proposed rule and it's been almost 20 years since we have seen an update of the full set of rules Bob did chance some thought she wanted to share on this well I guess one thought is you have to have lived a relatively long time to have gone through the COP process as a career these actually you know first appeared back in 1997 one when I had just been asked to come back to the Medicare side of the house at CMS to do something called the home health prospective payment system and so that's that kind of dates how long they've been sitting around since that time they've been several iterations only a few of them actually became public but CMS Believe It or Not has been working on this with the relative degree of activity off and on for those those 20 years the the principal reason these things took this long to get out other than the complexity and the importance of.


How many people fill out the online application for the Bank of Baroda PO 2022 exam?
Every year 2Lac to 3 Lac students apply for Baroda MANIPAL PGDBF.
Is there any separate form to fill out for participating in the COMEDK counselling 2022. My COMEDK rank is 10,359.
No.There is no need of filling any form in order to participate in COMEDK counselling round. You just have to report to the counselling venue as per the day and time, on the basis of your Comedk rank. Just bring all the original documents along with two attested photocopies and DD of 55000/-
How should I fill out the preference form for the IBPS PO 2022 to get a posting in an urban city?
When you get selected as bank officer of psb you will have to serve across the country. Banks exist not just in urban areas but also in semi urban and rural areas also. Imagine every employee in a bank got posting in urban areas as their wish as a result bank have to shut down all rural and semi urban branches as there is no people to serve. People in other areas deprived of banking service. This makes no sense. Being an officer you will be posted across the country and transferred every three years. You have little say of your wish. Every three year urban posting followed by three years rural and vice versa. If you want your career to grow choose Canara bank followed by union bank . These banks have better growth potentials and better promotion scope
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