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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Cms maintains an extensive list of conditions of participation (cop). what are these?

Instructions and Help about Cms maintains an extensive list of conditions of participation (cop). what are these?

Good morning this is Leah right VP for quality compliance and informatics at Northern Light Home Care and Hospice I am here today to present to you some updates on the home health conditions of participation which actually went into effect January 2022 however we been a little busy so we're just getting to implement some of these new processes that are a requirement of the new conditions of participation so we're going to get started if you have any questions please feel free to email me at Wright L at northern light org or talk to your manager and we'll try to get those questions answered there we go so the first area of focus is on risk for hospitalization it is a new requirement that the patient's risk for emergent emergency care or hospitalization and any interventions to address those risks are documented on the plan of care or the 485 in home health so that is something that we need to start doing we're going to be looking at getting this going as of February 1st 2022 so people have the opportunity to watch this video to get all the changes and that will be turned on February 1st so the first way that you are going to start to learn more about this on your particular client is that northern health no excuse me northern light health has adopted a tool called lace and that tool determines when a client should get follow-up care after a hospitalization lace stands for length of stay acuity comorbidities and emergency room visits and then based on that score you get a recommendation on when they should have their physician follow-up intake is going to start receiving this information as part of the referral process from any northern light health facility so and that will be included in their assessment so right off the bat when you receive a referral you can get a sense of whether that person is a high risk for emergency department visits or actual rehospitalization so how do we do it locally in our EMR so basically whenever you do an oasis assessment you have the when the assessments done you could the predictive modeling will run and this is actually published by a company called ability and they take all the answers to your Oasis questions and they determine the patient's risk the problem with this tool is that it's not a hundred percent accurate until the diagnosis coding is entered by our coders and they don't do that until after you've done the admission obviously so when you run this and you look at your the patient score you really should also be using your clinical judgment to determine what the person's risk score is either very high high moderate low or very low obviously if they're lower very low we might want to consider why they need home care so we've added a new intervention on all or we will be.


You want to fill a position using LinkedIn, you do a search and come up with a list of 10 candidates who all have the technical/functional skills required for the position and are within your budget.  What criteria do you use to pick 3 out of these 10 people for an interview?
None. Narrowing your group of potential hires just by looking at the CV/profile is like playing a roulette. You need precisely defined list of competences (not only technical ones) required to perform well on this specific position in this specific team/company. Than you need to assess these competences one by one and CV analysis is very weak assessment tool. I'd suggest a very short telephone interview with all 10 candidates and than inviting 3-5 for a competence based interview.
What is the effects of dry climate and less humidity in California? How to maintain good health in these conditions? What are the tips to reduce dry nose while sleeping?
I am in the San Joaquin Valley of California listening to the rain pounding on our patio cover and watching flashes of lightening getting closer as I wonder how to answer your question.Firstly, dry climates are more healthful than humid climates. People with breathing problems are often advised to move to warmer, dryer climates to improve their health.California's humidity varies depending on where you live and the season. We've had an exceptionally wet spring here in the valley this year. People are suffering from varies allergies and cold viruses. In a normal May, we would be entering a rainless period lasting through October.The humidity is much higher along the coast and, some say, tropical in Dan Diego. The climate in the Sierra Nevada mountains tends to be less humid.I've never encountered anyone suffering from dry nasal passages because of the dry heat while sleeping. I have had dry nasal passages in Colorado during the winter when the temperature was around 0 for a few weeks during an inversion.
What are the list of important courses that I need to take before becoming an Android application developer? How would these courses help me as a developer?
To learn Android you need to have knowledge of core java and should know how to step up Android studio. So pick a course which cover all these things.You have to start with one course at a time. Internet is flooded with free and paid content for Android. And this distract developers especially beginners. So I suggest you to go for udemy courses(Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy ). They have good and affordable courses. Most of the courses cover everything you need start off with(regarding your domain.Another thing you can do if you don't want to pay. You can read tutorial articles. There are websites which prcategory wise articles and are somewhat like a course. For example androidhive(Android App Development Tutorials - AndroidHive) and javapapers(Android & Java Blog - Javapapers). These are really helpful for beginners.Addressing to the last part of the question I would say these courses/categoried blogs keep you focused and saves time of yours. If you keep learning randomly from anywhere you will get confused and frustrated. So my advice is to stick to a course and then move ahead to make projects.
How do we get rid of mucus plugs, falsely called "rope worms"? My 3-year old son has these coming out of him and doctors are trying to figure out what it is. Why are those formed and how to get rid of them? Are they a sign of an intestinal disease?
They are living creatures. They are not mucus. I have them every day in stool.I am very weak and can’t work. No lab catches them. The tests are always negative. These worms do exist and the more people that ask, the more info that will be shared. I understand what your asking and you are a good parent to go above and beyond. Ropeworm “Does not exist” in the USA because there have not been monetary means. They are recognized in Russia. Tell the doctors its in the DNA and a research lab will be the only one to help. The man who did help get them recognized and who does have the proper research articles and publishing is Alex Volinsky here is a link. He has a ropeworm genome project to raise money for research. Good luck. There is no known way to eradicate them.https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file...[img][/img]
My nephew asked me how to find out the different career options that one can take and where to get a list of them, like for eg: IAS, pilot doctor, operations management, and testing. He wants a comprehensive list of the above in order to make an informed decision. What are some leads?
best option is to research online, its prospects in the next few years, and talk to people in the respective fields.
What does ‘being yourself• mean? I often hear people say 'be yourself’. How to ensure I am not an idiot before I embark upon this journey of ‘being yourself’? Also do these people themselves take trouble to find out if they themselves are not category 5 fools, before they start this?
If you want to determine what you think something is it would probably help to remove whatever you think anyone else thinks it is.  You are only concerned about what the thing is to you, what it means to you and what it has to do with you, not anyone else.  To be yourself, to find out who that is, is to first remove any judgements or criteria that you think others might use to judge you.  Do NOT insure that you are not an idiot.  "Category 5 fool"  Is a colorful turn of phrase but such namecalling has no business in your search for you.ALL judgements are not allowed.  You must give yourself UNCONDITIONAL love before you even think about beginning this search.    If you like to act like a chimpanzee in front of a mirror, go for it.  Guess what?  Most other people like to do that too when they are sure they are alone.  I know I do.  Do you have close friends with whom you can let down your guard and not feel judged?  This is important.  When you can find yourself having a great time with friends or family without even thinking about yourself, without any self-consciousness whatsoever, then you are being yourself.  It's really that simple.  Study THAT person, the one who is focused on having fun and not what others are thinking.  That is who yourself is.If you don't have friends like this make some.  It's absolutely the most important thing to do.  You have to forego even thinking about whether you look like an idiot, chances are nobody is paying attention anyway, they are too absorbed in making sure THEY don't look like an idiot.  Forming relationships with people you can trust not to judge you is the key to finding out who you are.  You absolutely cannot do this without relationships.  It can't be done without a willingness to be vulnerable.  This takes courage, which is moving through this fear of judgement regardless of the consequences.When we are young we are exquisitely affected by what our peers think of us.  But when we grow up we shed this self-consciousness like we would get rid of a bad rash.  You cannot figure out who you are if you are self-conscious.  Just the way it is.
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