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What software can I use to convert a paragraph into flashcards automatically (no manual input to fill out flashcards)?
Anki has a cloze delete feature that allows easy conversation of text into flashcards.In general it’s however pays to spent the time to write good flashcard as that will reduce the time you spent reviewing a card in the future.
What is the best way to develop a website: manually or with a CMS?
For your specific case, I would look at either a shopping system (e.g. Magento) or a search engine (e.g. SOLR) to start with. (There are tons of other options, you'll have to do your due diligence.)You'd use a "regular" (Web) CMS if you have a lot of "unstructured content" (e.g. articles, images, videos) to manage in your site. (And really, nowadays, there is no point in developing yet another one yourself.)If you have a need for both, put the effort in the integration. That'll keep you busy enough as it is. Better still, in that case, just find an existing integration between a good facetted search engine or shopping system, and a CMS. You're not the first who needs the combination :)There are only two good reasons to build your own (either from scratch or on a framework):You want to learn how to build a system like this. (But you're realistic about whether you would ever actually deliver a working system.)You're building something for huge scale (off the bat or future), as in millions of users (think Quora), and you have the resources (manpower) and skills to pull this off.Otherwise, go with something that works OOTB and customise/integrate.
Which CMS are you going to use for a user manual?
I haven’t made a “user manual” site before, but I worked on development of a policy manual theme (arp.nmsu.edu) and it’s built with WordPress and a custom theme.The advantages is generate dynamic and conditional menus, options, etc. Overall WordPress will 100% be able to do what you need, and perform well once deployed. The “hardest” part will be creating/editing the themes to fit your needs. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions!
What happens if I fill out an automatic transmission with a manual transmission oil?
As always, it depends. Many manual transmissions actually require automatic transmission fluid as the lubricant. At least for the last 25 years. So that would not be a problem.If by manual transmission oil you are specifically referring to hypoid gear oil then you are likely to damage the clutches as well as the hydraulic pump. Gear oil is thick when it is cold and does not flow well, putting increased load on the pump. If the fluid manages to get up to temperature and flows through the hydraulic passages and actuate the clutches it is likely that they would not release completely and cause drag on the clutches which would lead to overheating and damage to the clutches.This is just a guess since I have never seen it happen but an automatic transmission would certainly not shift properly, and to remedy the situation would likely require a complete overhaul and rebuild of the transmission.
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