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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Cms home dialysis

Instructions and Help about Cms home dialysis

Hi everyone welcome to my channel today I'm gonna be sharing with you guys 6 tip I wish I was told before I start up here to me Oh dialysis I did PD dialysis for about a year and I want to say 9 months maybe even more overall I did dialysis for two and a half years I did chemo that I switched to PD so I'm gonna be talking about those six tips but before we continue on I want to quickly introduce myself for anybody that might be new here my name is Cindy Flores and on my channel I share my can be transplanted Ernie as well as testimonies live travel vlogs a ton of stuff so definitely consider subscribing Music my first tip for you would be let your incision heal and I am telling you this because my doctor actually told me that a lot of doctors only let their patients incision heal for it two weeks which is not good and usually leads to more complications lead to infection easier because your body should take about a month for that incision to heal remember the healing process doesn't happen overnight it takes time so I feel like a month is the proper amount my doctor allowed my it's a healed for a month and I never had any complications I always had a good experience on peritoneal except this one time I got peritonitis which wasn't even caused because of me not being sterile and up we're not being cleaning up it was because that I ruptured cyst which caused the bacteria to go up there and so forth which a different story anyway but this is important to let your catheter heal completely you want to make sure it's fully healed before you start using it because you could actually move it around and actually cause it to like be more irritated so remember to try not to miss a cycle so if you are doing manual PD or automatic PD manuals we are doing about four or three times a day throughout the day which is usually about 30 minutes exchange and then automatic is basically when you're doing it all night while you're sleeping when you are doing peritoneal dialysis as you guys know you're inserting the fluid in your parents William cavity and when you miss an exchange if you don't do like your analysis that night or don't do it during the day you will absorb that fluid and you don't want that to happen because your body's already probably swelling from fluid from the the kidney disease right so it's super important that you make sure you always do your cycles because you don't want that fluid to absorb more light and cause more unnecessary swelling that you don't need step number three do not try doing any type of heavy exercises while you're on peritoneal dialysis and I'm speaking this from my experience I later.


If you left a survey for burglars to fill out the next time they ransacked your home, how would they rate the experience?
How did you learn about us?Rumors about rural houses having little Security.Location: 5/10Location was alright. Around 500 meters to the nearest neighbor. But unfortunately an hour away from any sizable population (20,000 plus being a sizable population.)Transportation: 10/10Transportation was top notch. The owners of the property never lock their Minivan or Pick-up truck. The keys are always left in the vehicles. Both are moderately new and somewhat non-descriptive so a perfect getaway vehicle. Not only did they prvehicles they also kept trailers in a easily accessible unlocked shed.Security: 9/10Security was lax. There is a gate but it isn’t locked. Doors aren’t locked unless the house is left unoccupied for more than 2 weeks. No cameras made it really easy. They did have a dog which made it a bit of a pain. He was easily disposed of as he was just a Labrador Retriever puppy. Owners are very light sleepers don’t rob if they’re around.Products: 10/10No place has better selection. The place had 3 DSLR cameras, 3 Workstation class desktops, 3 tablets, 4 drones, 6 Smartphones, 9 external monitors and 11 laptops. All of the items were of premium design and value (aka Apples or equivalent). The freezers and shelves were well stocked the rest of the property was much more appealing though.They also had a shop on the property with many tools ranging from mechanics to carpentry to fabrication. The tools were of medium quality. The shop also stored 2 ATV for added convenience. The shop wasn’t the jackpot though.The shed was the real treasure trove. This drive in shed held heavy equipment all with the keys in the ignition for easy accessibility. The average equipment’s value was around $100,000, with a combined value of around $1.5 Million. Unfortunately the heavy equipment is hard to transport and the market is too small to get away with it.The products all seemed gift wrapped for the taking. Everything was easy to find as it looked organized.Laws in the area: 10/10Owners aren’t allowed to use lethal force or even have a premeditated weapon for self defense. A robber in the area once accidentally locked himself into the garage place he was robbing. As the owners did not come home for a couple days he resorted to eating dog food. The end result was the owners were charged for negligence of the robber. Laws almost protect us. Owners are not supposed to attack us in any way or they may be charged.Would you recommend to your friends?If everybody is gone a resounding yes. Unfortunately that’s not very often as the house is occupied by Home-schooling kids, a Writer and the owner is a farmer who mostly works on property. Also if you intend to use brute force, bring a weapon. All the occupants are big. The average height is around 6 feet.BTW bring friends to help loot. It really requires a team of people to loot the place.
How many have filled out an I-864 to sponsor an immigrant or opened their home to a refugee family?
It's an affidavit for support you can get it on line Homepage forms it's 10 pages. Get two or three or copy it in case you make a mistake.
Is it possible to conduct Dialysis at home? How should we do so?
As another user answered there are two types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.  A google search will give a basic understanding of each. Both have pros and cons, both have risks for infection, both can be done at home with special training. Most people starting on dialysis will go to a hemodialysis center and dialyze with the other patients several times per week. Most dialysis centers also prtraining for patients who want to learn how to dialyze at home.I would suggest talking with your nephrologist (Kidney doctor) about both types and choosing the best option for you. There is no one right answer for everybody.
Police and Law Enforcement: How should I fill out my Certificate of Employment so I can drive home from work?
I would use the earliest hour you will be going to work and the latest hour you will driving home for work on each day. If for instance you may work 9 a.m. to noon on one Saturday and 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on another, use 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. If on Tuesdays you may work from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on one and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on another, put down 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.
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